This week Lady O and I want to express our thanks for the outpouring of love that we received during Clergy Appreciation Weekend!  The committee did a wonderful job of creating an event that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  We also thank God for the opportunity to lead such a wonderful group of people.  Whether you have been at Prayer Assembly for several decades or only several weeks, each of you are important to the mission of this church which is to “Win Them and Preserve Them.” This comes from Jesus’ great commission to the church (win people to Christ and then disciple them).  As we prepare to move into year 2 of Vision 2020-Internally Strong, Externally Effective, we are encouraged even more to hear from God and do what He tells us to do!  As Pastor Stevie said last weekend… “Started from the bottom but we are here now” so let’s get it!